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Welcome to this new home of the AJAX shoutbox. At the right you see the shoutbox in action.. At the moment this site is still work in progress: filling the FAQs, last tweaks to the template. But the AJAX shoutbox is ready for download!

Shoutbox Pro

The pro version of the AJAX Shoutbox offers some great new features over the already complete list of the orginal shoutbox. The pro version has:

  • Sound alert
  • IP bans
  • Captcha
  • Archive list of all shouts
  • Banned Words
  • Badwords
  • Link to users JomSocial, Community Builder or Kunena profile
  • Avatar support for JomSocial, CB, phpBB (Rokbridge) and Kunena

Demo of all pro features (except archive)

This Pro version only works on Joomla 2.5.x. The Pro version of the shoutbox is available for € 8.50 and includes 1 year of free updates.


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